Jewelry from the Best Place in Orange County Makes a Perfect Gift

I have certain “favorites” around the area after living here long enough. I have my favorite restaurants, favorite Day Spa, favorite beach, favorite roads to take the dogs for walks on, and favorite jewelry stores.

I have never once been disappointed by the services or products I have received from Simone and Son. They bend over backwards for the needs and wants of the customer and I have never had a bad experience there. My entire family trusts them with all of our jewelry needs because they are a family-owned company that understands the importance of family, love, and respect. This is a jewelry company in Orange County that understands the importance of quality service and quality jewelry.

This is my go-to place for gift giving when I am looking for jewelry. They have a great selection of jewelry that matches any style and budget. They carry rings, bracelets, earrings, and so much more. I posted this particular bracelet because I find it beautiful and delicate. It is something we are all chipping in to get for my mother for her birthday next month. I know she will love it!


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