Dog Food Station

A dog really is man’s best friend. I have a dog named Bosco and he gets treated like royalty in our house. He will be twelve years old next month, I can’t believe it! He still runs around like he is three years old. This is pretty funny to watch him at the dog park with the other dogs!

For his birthday, we usually pick him up a little something. It’s not like he knows what’s going on exactly, but it’s nice to get him new things once in a while. This year, we are getting him a new food station. This is more of a gift for ourselves since it will make our job much easier and we won’t have to lug the huge, heavy bag of dog food from the closet to his food dish. This feeder is elevated so it’ll make eating much easier. It has a large drawer for food. This will eliminate so much hassle and mess!

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