A T Riffic Gift For Dad

Father’s Day is just next month. Do you know what you’re going to give your dad to show him appreciation for all that he does? I found this great, homemade, DIY inexpensive very cute gift for dad. If he likes to golf, he will love this gift and get a lot of use out of it.

You will need an empty glass jar (I used a spaghetti sauce jar with the label peeled off that I washed out with hot, soapy water), several golf tee’s, wide (2″) ribbon, paper, a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, and a marker. This will take hardly any time to make and it’s very easy to do.

First, cut the ribbon so it is long enough to just fit around the cicumference of the jar. Hot glue it in place so it goes around the middle of the vase completely. Next, cut out a circle and write a phrase and sign your name with the marker. You can use the phrase pictured above which is very cute and witty.┬áLast, fill the jar with the golf tee’s and replace the lid of the jar so they don’t fall out.

Have a great Father’s Day everyone!

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