Why I’m Choosing Cobalt

How many of you have planned a wedding? With the weddings that I’m helping to plan for the summer (yes, I said weddings with an “S”, as in more than one), I’m super stressed out, and I’m not even the one that’s getting married! There are so many things to think of, plan, and do to prepare that it’s making me dread when it’s my time to plan. I have some serious respect for people that can plan a successful wedding.

One of the most important components to a wedding is the rings. These are a symbol of marriage and will be worn forever. One of the brides in one of the weddings has decided to go with cobalt wedding bands for both the groom and herself. This is a great choice. These rings are brighter and whiter than platinum at about a fourth of the cost. They’re very durable (resistant to scratching) and hypoallergenic. These rings are modern-looking and make a great choice for a wedding band.


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