Use Blueprint Racks to Save Your Office Space

As a gift to my dad for Father’s Day, I’m going to help him redecorate and give his home office a makeover. This should result in an office that is new and improved! It will also be a great opportunity to spend time together.

He is an architect and has an office at his company but likes to work on blueprints when he is at home as well. I’m going to help him make his office and workspace better so that he is able to be more efficient in his work when he is at home. We’re going to re-paint and implement some storage solutions. We are ordering several blueprint racks to keep his important documents and blueprints safe and organized. My dad would also like a bookshelf and a new desk. I can’t wait to see this project once it is finished! It will be a whole new workspace for him and he is excited to get started.

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