It’s graduation season. Pretty soon our fridge will be full with graduation invitations. I like to give high school graduates something that they can use in college. Sometimes I’ll give gifts of bath towels, dorm accessories, and sometimes money so they can use it to purchase what they need.

This year, there are a few high school graduates that will be getting the gift of quarters. Why do you ask? When I was in college, I had to pay to do my laundry. It was $1.00 in quarters to wash and $.75 in quarters to dry. It was a pain in the neck to deal with and I never had the amount of quarters I needed. It’s goes without saying that I really don’t miss the coin laundry. It is something almost all college kids have to go through.

I usually give $20-$30 to high school grads when I give them cash. Instead, I will go to the bank and ask them to give me quarters in exchange for cash. This is a gift that will be used and is easy to do!

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