Great Gift Idea for Toddlers

I’m going to a birthday party this weekend for my little cousin. He’s turning three and I can’t wait to celebrate! My aunt and uncle are planning a big birthday party for him. I don’t have any children of my own so I’m always looking for great gift ideas for kids and every age.

I was going to get Nicholas (my cousin) a toy. He loves toys. The last time I was over at their house I realized just how many toys he has. I didn’t realize it before and don’t want to add to his collection and risk getting him a toy that he already has.

I decided to get him a toy organizer. It will make a great addition to his playroom. This particular toy organizer comes with 12 removable plastic bins that are easy to move around. He can put toys in there and they will stay off of the floor. It will declutter the toyroom and create more play space! I love how this gift can be used for several years. He won’t grow out of it in a year or two like a lot of toys do.

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