Great Gift Idea for Grandma

Mother’s Day is coming up next month. If you have a lot of people to get gifts for, I would start now. I found this great gift that I want to make for my grandma. She is such a great person, I would like her to know just how much she is appreciated.

I don’t know about your grandmothers, but my grandma loves getting gifts that are homemade. They mean so much to her.

This gift is super easy to make. All you need is pictures of each grandchild, printed out and cut into the shape of a circle. A cute vase or planter with some filler will hold craft sticks perfectly that act as flower stems. These craft sticks can be painted easily too if you’d like them to be green. Cut out different flower shapes using construction paper and paste the circle picture in the center of the construction paper flower shape.

Get creative and have fun with this! Let each grandkid create and cut out their own flower shape so it’s unique, just like them! This is a gift that can be kept forever and will never die, like real flowers do.

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