Diaper Bag

Finding a great diaper bag for moms and dads can be as hard as a woman finding the perfect purse. Does that put it into perspective well? It did for me, since I don’t have any children.

This makes it difficult for me to bring presents to a baby shower, since I really don’t have much of a point of reference. I have a nephew but it’s not the same knowledge you get by having your own child.

I read some great reviews on this diaper bag.┬áIt’s gender neutral and is also perfect for either mom or dad to carry without being too girl-centered or boy-centered. It’s modern-looking and has a fun design and colors! The brand it’s from is Ju Ju Be and it appears to have plenty of storage space with convenient pockets. The outside is teflon-coated polyester with a satin interior. It has zip closures and insulated pockets which are perfect for keeping bottles cool until they’re ready to be warmed up.

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