Teacher Gift

It’s been a long year and I’m more than ready for summer! I’m sure teacher’s feel like it’s been a long year too. What a great job to have–they get a summer break too!

When I was in elementary school, my mom and I would always make crafts during the last week of school to give to my teachers as thank you gifts. We would never spend a lot of money on it, but it was always fun to make creative gifts together and bring to my teacher the next day at school.

I found a great, creative, DIY gift that I wish we would’ve thought of when I was younger. This┬ácan be made with Swedish Fish (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a gummy candy, available in the boxed candy section of the store), markers, and ribbon. You can write “you are ‘oFISHally’ the best”. It’s a quirky way to say thank you. Use the ribbon to tie the note on the candy and there you go!


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