Teacher Appreciation

As the school year is ending, I’ve been trying to find a few great ideas for teacher appreciation gifts. When I was younger, I always gave my teacher a gift at the end of the school year to thank them and it was also a way of wishing them a good summer ahead.

I like this gift idea a lot for a teacher. Like the last teacher gift idea I posted, it has a cute and catchy phrase. This is also inexpensive and easy to do, so if you have a few children that each want to make one or a child with multiple teachers, it won’t be a financial burden.

All you need for this crafty gift is a plant pot, a flower plant, potting soil, some paint, and a popsicle stick with paper and markers. Before planting the flower in the pot, I would use paint to creatively decorate the pot. After it dries, the flower can be replanted into the pot and a message can be added to the paper. I like the quirky message in the picture, but there are many that could be used!

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