Super Soft Swaddle

A lot of parents are swaddling their infants. I always wonder why (since I have no kids of my own). This is something that has been talked about a lot and I wanted in on the trend! I have a lot of friends an family with children and will someday have some of my own. Swaddling helps a baby feel warm, secure, and comfortable. This helps to calm the baby and keep him or her warm while their internal thermometer starts to kick in on its own.

I found a great swaddling blanket that is a perfect gift for new parents or soon-to-be parents. This is made out of muslin and is from the well-known and trusted brand aden + anais. It’s the perfect size measuring 44″ by 44″. This particular product is gender neutral and therefore would work for either a boy or a girl. It also has duofold layering which makes it very durable.

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