Home iPod/iPhone Dock

A 16th birthday is a monumental thing in the life of a teenager! It means driving and is a huge step in growing up. It’s fun to throw a “Sweet Sixteen” party, too. There are so many themes you can go with and so many ideas you can try with it! It’s a memorable birthday and the party should be memorable as well.

Sixteen-year-olds love gifts, too. When I was a teenager I thought that getting gifts was the best! I found this very cute gift for a girl celebrating her sweet sixteen birthday. It is a  dock for iPhone and iPod that plays music from your apple device through your speakers. It is a fun speaker system that looks great. It’s bright pink and has a retro look. This is a fun gift that can even be used during the party. You can let her open it before her party so they can all play music and dance.

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