Blueprint Storage

Blueprints are so important and need to be kept organized, intact, and wrinkle-free. There’s also other important documents, posters, artwork, maps and plans that are important to keep in a great condition. For things like this, I turn to the cutting-mat. They have a great selection of blueprint storage and know just how important it is. All of these products make great gifts because it’s something that can be used. It will be much appreciated, trust me! Whether the gift is for an architect, an artist, or just a person that needs a little organization, they will love the gift.

They carry blueprint file storage, wire upright roll files, blueprint plan organizers, mailing tube organizers, map storage, storage boxes, wall racks, and hanging clamps. No matter what needs to be organized and stored, you will find the best solution possible. These are great prices that can’t be beat. They also carry Brookside Design products, which are top of the line!

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