Blueprint Storage Racks

I went into my dad’s office last week to bring him some lunch (aren’t I a nice daughter!?) and was shocked. I’ve never seen such a mess and array of documents, papers, and blueprints scattered around. He is one of the cleanest guys that I know but his office could sure use a makeover. It needs some serious storage and organization.

I found a fantastic solution. offers great blueprint storage solutions. They have anything you could think of. They carry the brand Brookside Design (which are some of my favories) and have a variety of products. These are professional quality solutions that can turn a messy office into an organized one in no time. If storage racks aren’t for you, they have wall racks, stands, roll-file storage, hanging clamps, and more. The prices are unbeatable and there’s great service to accompany them. They have a lot of great deals right now that save you money if you buy 2 or more!

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