Blue Print Holder

Spring is here! Which means a few things. It’s time to get out and do all those fun things in the sun and enjoy ourselves after a long winter. It also means that it’s time for spring cleaning. This spring, a huge project I will be doing for my annual spring cleaning includes the office. Things can get so cluttered in there! I don’t consider myself a messy person by any means but “stuff” can certainly accumulate fast.

One of the things I am buying to aid in my organization of the closet it a blue print holder.┬áThese are great for storing and holding blueprints, posters, artwork, and so much more. Blue print holders can hold these important items so they don’t bend or get ruined. I plan on getting a couple of these great products to assist in the organization and de-cluttering of our home office! I can’t wait to get to spring cleaning–it can be fun this year with these great items.

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