An “I Miss You” Gift

I recently said goodbye to my love for seven days. That seems like forever! He is going on a family trip. I was invited but had school and work so I am not able to go with them. I’ll miss him so much!

I found this great idea on Pinterest (where else!?) and found the link to make this cute, DIY (do it yourself) gift. It’s cheap, easy to do and very thoughtful.

All you need is a 7 day pill holder, some of his favorite candy, and some paper and a pen to write out cute notes! For each day, write a note, put some candy in it and continue on until the whole “week” is full. Hide it somewhere in his suitcase where he’ll find it with an “prescription” to open only one each day. He’ll love this thoughtful gift and it’ll make him think of you while he’s gone.

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