Teacher Appreciation

As the school year is ending, I’ve been trying to find a few great ideas for teacher appreciation gifts. When I was younger, I always gave my teacher a gift at the end of the school year to thank them and it was also a way of wishing them a good summer ahead.

I like this gift idea a lot for a teacher. Like the last teacher gift idea I posted, it has a cute and catchy phrase. This is also inexpensive and easy to do, so if you have a few children that each want to make one or a child with multiple teachers, it won’t be a financial burden.

All you need for this crafty gift is a plant pot, a flower plant, potting soil, some paint, and a popsicle stick with paper and markers. Before planting the flower in the pot, I would use paint to creatively decorate the pot. After it dries, the flower can be replanted into the pot and a message can be added to the paper. I like the quirky message in the picture, but there are many that could be used!

An “I Miss You” Gift

I recently said goodbye to my love for seven days. That seems like forever! He is going on a family trip. I was invited but had school and work so I am not able to go with them. I’ll miss him so much!

I found this great idea on Pinterest (where else!?) and found the link to make this cute, DIY (do it yourself) gift. It’s cheap, easy to do and very thoughtful.

All you need is a 7 day pill holder, some of his favorite candy, and some paper and a pen to write out cute notes! For each day, write a note, put some candy in it and continue on until the whole “week” is full. Hide it somewhere in his suitcase where he’ll find it with an “prescription” to open only one each day. He’ll love this thoughtful gift and it’ll make him think of you while he’s gone.

Titanium Rings

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Teacher Gift

It’s been a long year and I’m more than ready for summer! I’m sure teacher’s feel like it’s been a long year too. What a great job to have–they get a summer break too!

When I was in elementary school, my mom and I would always make crafts during the last week of school to give to my teachers as thank you gifts. We would never spend a lot of money on it, but it was always fun to make creative gifts together and bring to my teacher the next day at school.

I found a great, creative, DIY gift that I wish we would’ve thought of when I was younger. This can be made with Swedish Fish (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a gummy candy, available in the boxed candy section of the store), markers, and ribbon. You can write “you are ‘oFISHally’ the best”. It’s a quirky way to say thank you. Use the ribbon to tie the note on the candy and there you go!


Copic Art Markers

I have a very special friend celebrating her birthday in a few weeks. We’ve known each other for years! She’s a great artist and I never know what to get her for her birthday. Her and I are complete opposites so sometimes it’s hard to get her the perfect gift. I think that’s why we make such great friends, we balance each other out.

I found her a perfect gift! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she opens it. I’ve decided to get her a set of copic art markers. These markers are high quality and are offered in a variety of colors. She can get refillable ink for them so that she will never have to throw any away. These are long lasting markers. So many great artists use copic art markers. I can’t wait to see the great artwork she creates with these amazing copic art markers.