The Gift of Money

I love giving the gift of money, and I’ll admit I also love getting the gift of money! In giving this gift, people can use it how they want, on what they want, and when they want. It’s perfect.

I dislike giving people money in cards. I feel like it’s boring and so used over and over again. It’s unoriginal.

I found this creative, fun idea to give the gift of money. Buy a box of chocolates. The bonus about this gift is that you can eat them! If you have to, throw them away. Just don’t tell anybody, someone might smack you. Nonetheless, keep the holders to use.

With the empty box, fill it with various coins and bills. When I make one, I’m going to get gold dollar coins, $1, $2, $5, and $10 dollar bills. Just make sure you tell whoever gets this as a gift to open it all the way! Have fun with this, and get creative with it!

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