Party Treat

I love a great party! Don’t we all? When I throw a party, I like to give a little gift for my guests. Nothing huge, just a little something! These birthday cake popcorn treats make a great party favor and snack for your guests.

This popcorn is easy to make and so popular. You will need popped popcorn, a half of a bag of candy coating, white cake mix, and birthday sprinkles. To make this, melt the candy coating in a microwave or on the stove top. Next, add the dry cake mix to the melted candy coating. (I used about three tablespoons). Next, poor the candy coating over the popped popcorn. Finally, add the birthday sprinkles and let it cool. Enjoy! For easy dish up, I put mine in cupcake holders, so each person can have their own. This treat will go over great with your guests–they will love it!

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