Landmark Birthdays

Landmark birthdays are so much fun! It’s always something to look forward to when somebody is turning a landmark age. By this, I mean ages such as 13 (finally a teenager), 16 (sweet sixteen and DRIVING!), 18 (an adult! old enough to vote), 21 (old enough to drink), 30 (celebrating a new decade), 50 (half a century old!), etc.

It’s always important to do something FUN for these landmark birthdays. They should be remembered! It’s also great to get a fun gift as well. I found this gift idea online and think it’s so fun! It’s also very inexpensive. It would work for any age above 30. To make this, I would use a small decorated box (I sometimes find them in the $1 section at Target), some floral foam, suckers (the same number as their birthday), and a paper sign, decorated to say “___ Sucks!” This is a quick and easy present that will get a few laughs. It might get harder at an age like 70, but you can sure try it!

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