Jewelry Portfolio

I found an amazing gift that’s on my list for Valentine’s Day. I know it’s kind of late considering that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but I guarantee my lovely, procrastinator of a significant other has not in fact went shopping yet for me. In fact, I might have to drop a hint that tomorrow is in fact Valentine’s Day. Oh how I love the way men operate.. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them! :)

I love the gift pictured above. It’s a jewelry portfolio. I love this because when I travel, I never know what to do with my jewelry. I hate putting it in a make up bag because it’s way to big for the items and my necklaces always get tangled up. This is a great item for jewelry storage for travel because it’s easily concealed and contained numerous pockets and necklace holders so your jewelry won’t get mixed up and tangled.

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