Homemade Gift Idea

I may just be old fashioned, but the best gifts are homemade. There’s nothing that means more to be that receiving a gift that somebody made. It makes it so special to know somebody took time to make something for me!

I love this idea from the picture above. It would be super easy to make! All you would need for this project would be scrabble tiles, some kind of glue, a picture frame without the glass, and I, personally would use a piece of scrapbook paper for the background.

There are so many ways you can go with this project to make it personal and custom. You can put whatever message you want! For Valentine’s Day next week I’m thinking of making one that says “I love you”. My boyfriend and I love to play scrabble so it’s a perfect fit! If you have any ideas-please share. I love this idea and the opportunities are endless.

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