Gift Baskets

Have you ever received a gift basket as a present from someone? It’s one of my favorite gifts to receive. It’s so fun! They’re so personal and have a great assortment of things that I can use. I’ve gotten gift baskets after my surgery and as a housewarming gift and they were both great!

If you love the idea of giving a gift basket to someone but aren’t creative enough (like me) to think of things that go great together, you have to check out this fantastic blog on gift baskets. Not only does this creative writer provide pictures and great instructions on ¬†how to make gift baskets for different occasions, she provides printable cards to put in the basket. She provides several different ideas for events such as birthdays, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, gifts for teachers, weddings, and so much more! It’s definitely my go-to site for giving baskets.

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