Creative Gift Card Giving


I love getting gift cards as gifts! I can spend them when I want and on what I want. I like to save my gift cards for a rainy day or when I’m having a bad day to cheer me up. When I give gift cards, I like to try and be as creative as possible without giving the boring card to hold it.

I found this great idea for a Starbucks (or any coffee shop) gift card. Ask the barista for an empty cup for iced coffee (the cups for warm coffee are opaque and not plastic). Put a gift card in the cup for any amount. Get brown and white tissue paper. But brown in the bottom and the white on top! It’s a creative idea that is loved by everyone!

There are many occasions in which a coffee shop gift card make a great gift. A congratulations, a thank you, an appreciation to a boss or coworker, and so much more!

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