Party Treat

I love a great party! Don’t we all? When I throw a party, I like to give a little gift for my guests. Nothing huge, just a little something! These birthday cake popcorn treats make a great party favor and snack for your guests.

This popcorn is easy to make and so popular. You will need popped popcorn, a half of a bag of candy coating, white cake mix, and birthday sprinkles. To make this, melt the candy coating in a microwave or on the stove top. Next, add the dry cake mix to the melted candy coating. (I used about three tablespoons). Next, poor the candy coating over the popped popcorn. Finally, add the birthday sprinkles and let it cool. Enjoy! For easy dish up, I put mine in cupcake holders, so each person can have their own. This treat will go over great with your guests–they will love it!

Get Well Soon!

I know that everybody has been sick in their life. Every once in a while, the germs of the world get the best of our immune system. It’s definitely not fun to lay on the couch or in bed, eating soup, and taking medicine. It’s great to know somebody is thinking of you at this not-so-fun time.

I found this cute idea to make for somebody that needs it. With a couple of pieces of colored paper, some craft “googly” eyes, and a few band aids, this super cute and thoughtful craft can be made and given to somebody who is on the mend. Homemade gifts are so thoughtful!

This can be given to someone who is sick, in the hospital, recovering from surgery, and so much more. Get creative with this! It’s inexpensive, but of course it’s the thought that counts. I’m sure whoever is on the receiving end of the gift will appreciate it!

The Gift of Money

I love giving the gift of money, and I’ll admit I also love getting the gift of money! In giving this gift, people can use it how they want, on what they want, and when they want. It’s perfect.

I dislike giving people money in cards. I feel like it’s boring and so used over and over again. It’s unoriginal.

I found this creative, fun idea to give the gift of money. Buy a box of chocolates. The bonus about this gift is that you can eat them! If you have to, throw them away. Just don’t tell anybody, someone might smack you. Nonetheless, keep the holders to use.

With the empty box, fill it with various coins and bills. When I make one, I’m going to get gold dollar coins, $1, $2, $5, and $10 dollar bills. Just make sure you tell whoever gets this as a gift to open it all the way! Have fun with this, and get creative with it!

Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding planning can be so stressful! To coordinate everything together and decide on a dress, rings, tux’s, bridesmaid dresses, a cake, a location, a dinner, flowers, etc. One thing I was able to cross of my list was the wedding band for my future husband! It’s such a relief to find the perfect band and a great price on it. We wanted a ring that can last a lifetime.

When I find a site this great, it’s hard to choose just one! They have such a huge selection of men’s wedding bands. These are cutting edge in style, and are the hottest in trends for men’s jewelry. I decided on the tungsten one in the picture above because of it’s scratch-proof qualities and super shiny texture. It’s great to have a lifetime warranty to back up our purchase. The ring accommodates his busy lifestyle. He needs a durable ring that can hold up!

Titanium Bracelets

Happy Friday everybody! What does everyone have planned this weekend? Hopefully fun things all around! I was looking ahead of time for gifts for Father’s Day coming up and I come up with some great ideas! I found some bracelets for men and women, so I think I’m going to order matching bracelets for my dad and mom, and give my mom’s on Mother’s Day and my dad’s on Father’s Day!

If you’re looking for titanium bracelets for men and women, look no further. These bracelets are modern, sleek, unique and bold–everything I look for in jewelry! These designs are Italian are are incredibly durable. The prices are great and there’s a huge selection to match your style. They carry titanium, black titanium, titanium and gold, titanium and diamond, and titanium cable.

I can’t wait to put my order in! With my questions thus far, they’ve been more than helpful in answering them!