Candles make a great gift! They can be made personal by finding a scent for a personality that matches them. They make a great addition to many different gifts and can be added to add a touch of scent to a home. I love candles and have several different scents and colors in my home. They add a touch of relaxation and warmth, especially as winter is fast approaching.






GREAT Wedding Gift!

This is the CUTEST wedding gift! Get a basket, and put 12 labeled, manilla envelopes with the months of the year on them. Each envelope can contain a pre-planned, pre-paid date out for the couple. Customize the dates to the couple and they’re sure to love it! It’s a creative idea. If you don’t have a wedding to try this gift out at, try giving this thoughtful gift to your significant other!






Massages in Orange County

If you are looking for a great gift for someone you love or even for yourself, check out Cloud Mover Day Spa for a massage. They have a huge menu of services to check out, including Swedish massages, deep tissue, shiatsu, a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and many more! Also something to check out is their great prices! The gift of relaxation is the best kind of gift, and Cloud Mover also has gift certificates available for purchase.




Feather Hair Accessories

Feather hair accessories are HOT right now! They are incredibly popular and in high demand. Feather hair accessories can be worn as clip-ins, headbands, extensions. You can also find feather earrings. Feather hair accessories make great gifts for the upcoming holidays and are cheaper when purchased in quantities. I found this site that has a ton of different feather hair accessories for great prices!


Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving is not a typical holiday for gifts. However, if you’re going to someone’s house for dinner, it’s always nice to bring a little something for the host! After all, they did purchase and prepare the meal and clean the house for guests. I like to bring a bottle of wine or two for the host as a thank you gift. There are many different kinds out there, so if you’re no wine connoisseur, ask something at the liquor store to help you out in your selection.