Say No to Cold

It is cold. It is so cold that even the inside of buildings are cold. No amount of heat seems to keep the cold out! This is all fine and dandy if you are at home and can cuddle up into a blanket in your bed but when you are stuck in your office with nothing but a flimsy cardigan to protect you, you are in danger of being SOL. But, fear not! There are ways to make your office cozy and warm, it will be so cozy and warm that you will no longer have to worry about the cold. Your new problem will be staying awake in this snugly environment.

The number one thing that warms me up in a cold office environment is a cup of Joe, but let us take that a step further. Get your hands on (literally) this Toasty Mug! It is literally a mug that warms your hands as you sip on a hot beverage. It can be yours for around $50.00 (or $34.00 Euros).

Toasty Mug

Toasty Mug

While we are on the topic of hand warming, why not bring up these USB Heated Fingerless Gloves? These babies will warm your palms as your phalanges furiously type away on your computer. Fingers are very important in the office. You can protect them for $11.99

USB Warming Gloves

USB Warming Gloves

Moving on to other chilly body parts, try this Lava Buns Heated Seat Cushion to warm your tush. There’s nothing worse than cold buns. And I’m not talking about the ones you find at the BBQ. So do your butt a favor and invest in this reusable heated seat cushion for your desk chair for $26.98. Your derriere will thank you.

Lava Buns

Lava Buns


If you need more office warming ideas check out this BuzzFeed article 21 Products You Need To Actually Stay Warm In Your Freezing Office. You’re welcome!

The Makeup Artist you NEED to Know About

Have you ever wondered how the Kardashian’s get their glow? You cannot possibly think they wake up sporting a face with full coverage makeup… That would be the equivalent to them actually wearing clothes from their Sears collection, which is laughable. No. The woman behind their illuminated mugs is Joyce Bonelli, makeup artist extraordinaire!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.19.21 AM

I could not find much about Joyce’s personal life, which probably speaks to her character (I bet she is elusive). The only thing she really ever talks about is her cutie pie of a son named Zeplin. A cool name for a cool dude. In an interview she did with MAKEUPFOREVER she explained that she was inspired to become a makeup artist as a child watching The Munsters. She loved the fact that you could transform your face into whatever you wanted it to be, and transform she does.

She recently started doing makeup seminars because she is perfect and wants everyone to be just as beautiful and skilled as she is. You can find these seminar tour dates on her website. Each seminar attendee will receive a beauty bag with products from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kardashian Beauty, Urban Decay, Lorac and more.

On top of her sharing her secrets through seminars, she also does “beauty breakdowns” where she details what products she used on a shoot and what techniques she used to apply the makeup. She recently did a “beauty breakdown” for Nicki Minaj’s Pills and Potions shoot. She gave us her step by step process so we can all recreate Nicki’s look. Joyce always looks on point, and so do her clients so the fact that she is so willing to share her secrets is just magical!

She also shares her must have beauty products, which include MAKEUPFOREVER Pro Finish Powder 118, Hair and Makeup Addiction Assorted Brushes, and OCC Lip Tar Primer to name a few. Follow her on Instagram so you never miss another beautiful day with Joyce!



Toasted Slefie- Not Just a Filter on Instagram

Have you ever wanted to eat your own face? Probably not, but now you can. What I mean by this is now when you make toast you can burn your face into it by using the Toasted Selfie Toaster. You could literally tell people to “eat” you when you are mad. Or you could hand them out as party favors. Whatever floats your boat. Make your carbs prettier by putting your face on it.


The Vermont Novelty Toast Corp are the geniuses behind this innovative breakfast option. When you purchase your selfie toaster you will receive a fitted customizable plate to imprint your face on your toast. Just upload a photo and the Vermont Novelty Toast Corp takes care of everything else. You will be planting your fast on toast in no time. The toasters come in five different colors and can be yours for $75.00

This is kind of pricey for a toaster, but I am one to take my jokes too far and I can just imagine serving up some selfie toast to my friends and having a good laugh about it.

Not that conceited? That is okay. You do not have to make a customized selfie imprint, you can buy previously made imprints as well. You could imprint the flying spaghetti monster on your morning grains, or maybe Edgar Allen Poe is more your taste (ha.) You can get animals, sports, historic figures, patterns, politics, religion and an adult only options. Basically whatever you have ever wanted on your toast you can have that.

Just a warning, the imprints only work in the selfie toasters. So you still have to spend the $75.00 to get the selfie toaster. Of course that is how it works.

I think it would be funny to replace the toaster at work with this toaster and not tell anyone. Think of the confusion!


Tomorrow is the Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day, Valentines Day, and you actually have to do something with your lady in between seeing 50 Shades of Grey like the rest of the world. But if you have yet to put thought into what you are doing, or even just forgot, do not worry there are still some last minute ideas that will help you pull through.

If you have not made reservations for somewhere yet, you are out of luck. Unless you plan on going to McDonald’s but if you are not 16 then DO NOT DO THAT. That will be the end of your relationship right then and there. Instead of trying to get in somewhere why not make your place that somewhere? Cook your lady (or man) dinner! Even if you are not good at cooking your lover will still appreciate the effort! And if they are into things like that, maybe set up a cooking station. Lay all the ingredients out on the table and have your date help you make dinner. Cooking together brings people closer and helps the attraction grow. Here are some ideas for a fast dinner. Try the Shrimp, Leek, and Spinach pasta with some white wine and your evening will be set.



If cooking does not tickle your fancy try ice skating. Yes it may be cold but that will just give you an excuse to hold your date close! Top it off with some hot chocolate and a cozy evening by the fire and you will be set.

No matter what you choose to do this Valentine’s Day at least act like you put effort into it. Ice skating may not seem like some big romantic gesture but if you spent the time to plan out a date for your love they will appreciate it! It really is the thought that counts!

A New Spin on a “Depressing” Day

Ah Valentines day, a day for couples. A day for romance. A day to make singles feel bad? No. I refuse to let a little day make me feel bad for not having someone. I recently went through a breakup and everyone is expecting me to send myself chocolates and lay in bed all day and cry, but I refuse. I refuse to waste a Saturday on being sad because “I don’t have someone.” I have a lot of someones. I have a lot of friends, and some of those friends are single as well. Valentines Day is about celebrating love, well who says that love is supposed to be romantic? I love a lot of people and I want to celebrate them.

So instead of moping around this Saturday I will be working on some creative gifts for friends. Here are some of my ideas:

  1. Who says valentines are just for little kids? Maybe I want to buy those Frozen valentines and give them out to my friends too! On top of that Walmart sells $1.00 boxes of chocolate. Why not have a cute little valentines party like we did when we were kids?
  2. Or how about a friendship necklace? Why not have a constant reminder that the person you love will always be with you? Even if its just as friends. Just buy little cheesy ones from Claire’s!
  3. If you want to get really into Valentines Day why not create a candy bouquet? All you really have to do is find a cute glass, stuff it with some holiday inspired candy! Check out this example I found on Pinterest


No matter how you decide to celebrate Valentines Day just make the most of it! If you are in a relationship go all out! It is a day made to appreciate each other, but if you are not in a relationship do not let anyone make you feel bad! Celebrate with your friends because at the end of that day they are the ones that will always love you.