A Magazine Subscription Makes a Great Gift


I love magazines. They are easy to read, don’t require a ton of focus and attention (which is great if you are super busy like I am) and they encompass both great pictures and great articles (I’ve a very visual person).

There are magazines out there for just about every interest, hobby, and career. I have many different titles that come in the mail that cover a variety of my interests. My favorite magazines are Good Housekeeping, People, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Self. I have all the bases covered for fashion, celebrities, home décor, meals, my love life, living healthy and beauty.

A magazine subscription makes a great gift. They aren’t super expensive and it’s a gift that keeps on giving by arriving every month. People also don’t always treat themselves to getting a magazine and find it thoughtful and useful when somebody gets one for them—at least that’s true for me and a couple of my close girlfriends!

I Think He’ll Love This Golf Organizer


My guy absolutely loves to golf. Every single day that he has off, he tries to get together with the guys and golf. He rarely has a day off but still attempts to get out on the course when he can. If he doesn’t have time to golf an entire game, he’ll head to the driving range for awhile and at least hit some balls.

I found this golf organizer on Amazon. It organizes two sets of clubs and has shelves for shoes, accessories, and more. I think this would be perfect in a mud room or a garage to keep things organized and out of the way. This also isn’t too expensive, and runs at $67.99. This item is available for free shipping which is always a bonus!

She Will Love These Designer Black Leather Handbags

Travel Luggage Plus--Designer Black Leather HandbagsI have to admit that I am a serious “girly girl”. I love all things pink, am obsessed with jewelry, and own more purses and shows that I should admit to.

This may be a bad thing from time to time when it comes to my bank account, but I do have to admit that I am getting pretty resourceful when it comes to fashion, trends, and stores/websites that carry great finds. I also have been told that I give great gifts when it comes to accessories.

My go-to accessory to give as a gift is a black handbag. These are sleek, match almost anything, and are great for a variety of occasions. My favorite are the designer black leather handbags just because they are made of a more high-end material which means that they last a little longer and can withstand more.

What is your go-to handbag? I would love to know!

You’ll Be Sure to Find Something for Him at the Cabela’s “Great Gear Sale”

cabelasThere are a couple of guys in my family that would live at Cabela’s if they could. The closest Cabela’s to our house is about an hour away and they make trips here as often as possible (or as often as I allow, I should say).

Cabela’s is great because they have a variety of fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking gear. If you are a fan of the outdoors, then you will LOVE this store! I also love that it’s just as easy to shop online as it is to shop in the store (which is why I kindly remind them that they don’t have to go there all of the time!).

Right now, Cabela’s is having their “Great Gear Sale”. You can save a ton of money on gear for a variety of activities. Check it out!

Online Only Old Navy Sale

blog-onI love checking out the sales at Old Navy. They almost always seem to have something great going on. Right now, you can get Super Cash of $10 for every $25 that you spend. All regular priced items are also 25% off right now. Just type in the code “ONTREAT” at the check-out, and the discount will be applied to your total.

Not only do they have great sales, but more importantly the clothes are super cute! They have a great selection for women (including petite, maternity, and plus-size), men, kids and babies. These make great gifts for a variety of occasions, including baby showers and birthdays!