Wedding Season is Almost Here

Yes wedding season is upon us. People are getting engaged, and families are forming. But with wedding season comes another season, more interesting season (in my opinion.) Yes this time of year is for more than just “I do’s.” It is for Bachelorette parties.


Bachelorette parties are a right of passage for every bride. It is a time where you can get together with your girls and have a night to remember (or not remember depending on the alcohol content). Obviously the ideal spot for bachelorette parties is Vegas. It has strippers, alcohol, and buffets, but not everyone can afford the ideal party spot, especially when there are wedding expenses coming out of your tushy!

Just because you cannot afford Vegas does not mean you cannot have a kickass bachelorette party on a budget!

First of all, it is a bachelorette party. It is your job to be loud and obnoxious and make sure everyone in the room knows why you are there. Come up with a group outfit, whether you make your own t-shirts or you all wear black make sure you look the part. Deck the bride out in white, and top her off with a vail! It is her day, all eyes should be on her.

What is a bachelorette party without a few naughty games? A fun way to celebrate would be to email the groom some questions and quiz the bride at her party. When she gets an answer wrong she has to drink, if she gets it right you have to drink. Make sure to throw some dirt ones in there like “Where is the craziest place you have ever had sex?” and “What is your favorite position?” It would not be a bachelorette party without making a few people blush.

For more exciting ideas look at Cosmopolitans article, 12 Kickass bachelorette Party Ideas and Games.

Mother’s Day is Around the Corner

This year Mother’s Day is May 10; It is coming up fast. If you love your mother, and you should, then you will want to get her something nice. After all, she did create you. Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) is such a wonderful idea. Dedicating a day to celebrate mom for all she does for you. This got me thinking, who came up with Mother’s Day?

Many countries around the world celebrate mom, but the American version of Mother’s Day came around in 1908 from the mind of Anna Jarvis. It became an official holiday in 1914. Over 100 years of celebrating mom!


Now that we know a little background for this special day, it is time to start thinking of ways to honor mom. You could always go with the traditional flowers, candy, and a card but that is boring. Even though mom would still appreciate it. If you are a kiddo, or you do not have a lot of money, you could always make something. My mom would always love when I made her something, whether it be a clay imprint of my hand or a picture frame. However, I am 22 and I do not think my mom wants a macaroni portrait from me.

When I was a teenager my mom and I would always buy flowers and garden all day on Mother’s Day. It is a nice gift and a nice way to spend time with your mom. If your mom does not have a green thumb you could always go for a really nice family portrait. I am not talking about going to Sears studio and having a teenager take your picture in front of a black back drop. I am talking about having a professional photographer come over to your house and take a nice professional shot of the family. After all, your mom is only a mom because of you. Why not capture a moment with the family forever? Bella Rose Photography offers a one hour on location photoshoot through LivingSocial. It only costs $143.00


It Is Almost Graduation Season

Whether you are finishing high school, college, or kindergarten graduation season is upon us. It is a very exciting, but also scary time. As a college student, the thought of graduating scares me to a quite almost literal death. Luckily, I have one more semester to wrap up before the time comes for me to walk across that stage, shake hands with the Chancellor, and receive my diploma. However, many of my friends are about to take that life-changing step. I wish them luck of course, but I am glad I am not there yet.


If you are like me and have some almost grads in your life, you are probably wondering what to get them to celebrate this momentous occasion. Here a few things that new graduates will actually want.

First, college is expensive. Graduating college is expensive. Life is expensive. Many college grads may be leaving college but they are entering an almost scarier experience: debt. If you are a billionaire please pay off as many tuition costs as you can, but on the good chance you are not a billionaire get your grad a gift card. It may not seem that personal or creative but as I said life is expensive. Every penny counts right now. Getting a $25.00 gift card to Walmart may not seem like a big deal, but it can make life a little easier for your grad.

Another idea would be to get your grad some job interview clothes. A nice pair of pants and a shirt can get pretty freaking expensive! Help them out by getting them some clothes to actually land a job so they can start to pay off their massive amounts of debt. The first impression is almost more important than the interview. You want that first impression to count so you have to look good.

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If You Thought Cards Were Annoying Before, Wait Until You See This

I really do not like cards. I like receiving them, and reading them especially if someone took the time to get me a card that is perfect for my situation whether it be for a birthday or Christmas. Whatever it may be. But, after reading it once, MAYBE twice, what do you do with it? Throw it in a box never to be looked at again? It just seems like a waste of paper to me. And musical cards are just plain annoying. But, no matter how annoying I found cards before nothing compares to “The Joker Card.”



Why is The Joker Card so bad? It never stops playing “Happy Birthday.” No matter what you do to it! Okay, it does not last forever, but it does last about four hours non-stop. Think you can turn it off by pressing the button? You would be wrong. All that does is turn the sound up louder. Keep pressing it, it just gets four times louder than before.

The only way to stop the singing is to let it run out, or destroy it. However, it is not as easy to destroy as you would think a card should be. It did not even stop after being submerged in a bucket of water, twice. It took the creators, Nick and Travis Peterson, six months to make the prototype. They are not messing around.

So how do you sign it? The card arrives in what they call a “Safe Mode.” You can sign it and pull the tab right before you put the card in the envelope. Once the tab is pulled do not open it or it will not stop until the battery runs out.

Why, you ask, would you want to torture your friends and family with this card? Simple. It is funny. If you cannot torture your friends who can you torture?

Pre-order it on Kickstarter!

How to Dress Up Your Office

Working in a cubicle can be really boring. I know because I did it for an entire summer for 40 hours a week and it was the worst experience of my life. I hope I never have to do it again, but that may not be the case. We all have to do things we do not want to do, and working in an office is just one of those things. But, it does not have to be depressing. There are a lot of ways to dress up your cubicle to make the pain of working inside all day a little easier, but it is hard to look at fun pictures when you have to stare at your screen all day. However, you can take it one step further by dressing up your computer! Your USB port is good for more than just a flash drive. Here are a couple of cute computer accessories that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

  1. The USB Beverage Cooler: Plug this little ditty into your computer for a chilled soda. It may only fit one can but one can is all you can drink at a time any way. For $29.99 it is pretty nifty.

  2. USB Missile Launcher: Is your cubicle partner obnoxious? Is your co-worker across the room talking really loud on the phone? Did your boss forget your name again? If the answer to any of these questions, or anything like them is yes (or even no) buy this missile launcher! It shoots as far as 10 feet and has cool sound effects. Sweet revenge is only seconds away.
  3. USB Desk Vacuum: Do you like to eat at your desk? I do. I eat toast in the morning, and toast can get pretty crumby (ha). Before you ruin your desk for good, get this USB desk vacuum!