PowerCurl Wrap- an Organizational Life Saver

I have a thing of gadgets. The kind of gadgets that are strange, or quirky in a way yet at the same time incredibly helpful. The kind that make you say “I wish I would have thought of that.” I just had one of those moments when I saw this, the Mac PowerCurl for Mac Wrap from Quirky


The idea seems so simple. So simple that it is almost stupid, but it is those simple somehow idiotic ideas that make the most money. This is something you never think you need until you see it. You may not realize that your lose computer cord bothers you. All those times you’ve tripped over it, all of those times you had to bunch it up just to travel, or even walk to another area in your own house, never seemed inconvenient. It just seemed like the way of life.

And then the PowerCurl for Mac Wrap comes into your life and you question how you ever lived without it. Now crumpling up your charger and shoving it into you backpack or briefcase seems wrong. You now realize that tripping over your charger is not just inconvenient it is dangerous. So why not spend the $5.00 and make your life easier?

Not only is the PowerCurl for Mac wrap life-saving and cheap, it is stylish. The PowerCurl for Mac comes in five eye-catching colors: Teal, lime green, hot pink, black, and grey. It comes in different sizes so every Mac owner, whether it be MacBook, Mackbook Pro, or MacBook Air, can have one (sorry PC, maybe your day will come).

The PowerCurl for Mac Wrap saves you a lot of desk space, keeps your cord from tangling, and saves you packing time. You can get from A to B a lot faster now that your cord is pre-wrapped. Whether you are someone who values organization or not this gizmo is a necessity.

Quick Last Minute Gift Ideas

Were you thinking of getting your loved one a mug this Christmas season? Or an apron? Or movie themed apparel? Yet the problem is you waited too long, and now you do not have enough time to shop for everyone on your list and get them each something individual and unique. Well, I am here to tell you, you are wrong. There is still time to get everyone on your list something they will enjoy! This is because everything you need can be found on one place: Cafepress.


Cafepress is always my go to for all of my gift giving needs: Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day etc. Cafepress sells clothing, kids stuff, baby stuff, accessories, bags, supplies for hobbies, cases & covers, drinkware, wall art, products for the home, and stationary items. They sell by brand to. They offer Hunger Games, Big Bang Theory, Peanuts, and Marvel themed gear as well.

Maybe nothing on the site suits your fancy. Maybe you had something in your mind and you cannot find anything on the site that matches what you are thinking of. No problem! You can create your own products using the site. Got a funny shirt idea? a mug design? an idea for a laptop case? Create it on Cafepress!

The site describes themselves as the following:”It’s where the world turns for unique products that express what people love most.” And this is true, they even have customizable monopoly! It is really the only place to go to get a wide variety of unique, customizable gifts all at once. The only thing that makes this better is that the products on the site are not that expensive. The most expensive product I could find on the site was canvas wall art for around $70.00. On average most products cost around $25.00. Since it is so cheap, you might as well get something for yourself while you are there!

We All Have Trouble Waking Up Sometimes..

I am lazy. I hit my snooze button at least three times before I will admit to myself that the day has begun and it is time to get up. I always go to bed with best of intentions. I think to myself “I’ll wake up at 6:00 AM! I’ll start a pot of coffee, I’ll do a quick workout, I’ll shower and do my makeup. I am determined to start the day off right!” But something happens during the night. I do not know if super positive me goes to bed too, leaving only pessimistic me to take the reigns, or if I was just kidding myself the entire time knowing I would never actually get up and that I was just pretending like I would in order to feel like a more accomplished person, but either way when that alarm rings at 6:00 AM there is no way I am getting out of bed.


This is exactly why I need the Barisieur. What is the Barisieur you ask? Oh it is only the smartest invention ever crafted! It is an alarm clock AND COFFEE BREWER! Yeah you heard me! This thing starts brewing your coffee when your alarm goes off! You do not even have to get out of bed. This would definitely make my experience of getting out of bed much easier. All of those great ideas you have prior to falling asleep are suddenly becoming more realistic!

The only down side is that it is not exactly “real” yet. What I mean by that, is that so far it is only a prototype. The genius behind it is Joshua Renouf , a UK based designer. When you go to his “Purchase Products” page on his website, he explains “We are in the Process of Developing The Barisieur.” and that it will most likely cost around 250 Euros (about $399.99 USD).

Hurry up Joshua, us want to be early birds are counting on you!



Customizable Puzzle Piece Necklaces

Here’s a gift that will work for either your best friend, boyfriend, mom, grandma or really anyone who appreciates a well thought out sentimental gift. Its a personalized puzzle piece (try saying that three times fast) necklace from Things Remembered I feel as though people tend to shy away from Things Remembered unless they are shopping for a wedding gift or their grandma, but it is actually a really neat store with a lot of sentimental trinkets. And I love anything sentimental.


What I love about these necklaces is that even though the puzzle piece is girly, the chain gives it a masculine feel. I got these necklaces for me and my boyfriend on our one year anniversary and he likes it (he does not really wear it but he carries it on him).  These may work better for a best friend or for a guy that you know will wear it, but even if he does not wear it (like mine) he will appreciate it.

These stainless steel puzzle piece necklaces with a 40″ adjustable chain are $40.00. I believe the engraving costs $5.00 for the first word and $3.00 for each word after, at least that is how much it cost when I got mine done two years ago.

The fact that these necklaces are so customizable and work for any gender make it a truly versatile gift. Tis’ the season for letting that special someone in your life know how much you care.

You do not have to get them engraved. It is still an attractive piece of jewelry without it. The puzzle pieces will still fit together whether or not you added words to it, so people will still know you belong to each other.

If necklaces are not your thing but you still like the puzzle piece idea, there is a key chain option for the same price. They are still customizable, but you do not have to wear them around your neck.

Gifts for Guys

If you’re shopping for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or very hairy aunt (we all have one) and you do not know what to get check out the Dollar Shave Club! The Dollar Shave Club is exactly what it sounds like. You pay ONE dollar ($2.00 shipping and handling so really $3.00 all together) and you receive a handle with two stainless steel blades and five cartridges per month. This option is described as reliable like the “’82 wagon that starts when the temp’s below zero.”


Now, if your guy (or aunt) is a little hairier than the average Joe and you do not think this simple blade can handle the job then you could upgrade to the six dollar a month option (that ships for free so it really is only six). This option comes with the handle, four stainless steel blades, and four cartridges per month. This blade is described as the lovers blade because it works great for either gender (your aunt will thank you). This option has a 90 degree pivot head that follows your curves.


Now, if you have a true mountain man in your life, and I’m talking about a real thick bear, then you could upgrade even more to the nine dollar a month option (free shipping). This option comes with a handle, six stainless steel blades, four cartridges a month and a trimmer on the side.


There are three options to choose from but no matter which option you choose you get a refill once a month for the same price. They come directly to you. However, if your mans hair does not grow that fast you can choose to have them sent every other month. Its really a people pleasing company.

But wait there’s more! The Dollar Shave Club has some added options. You can order Shave Butter to make your mans shaving experience even more supple for only eight dollars, a post shave lotion for nine dollars, and/ or a wipes for your mans tushy for four dollars! Cheap, reliable products. That is what life is all about.